Cultural exchange on Indigenous Camp

The Year 8 students and staff recently returned from an amazing Indigenous camp to Kakadu. The camp has a strong focus on developing cross cultural connections and looking at Indigenous Australia through the eyes of other children. For this we partner up with Jabiru Area School to have activities taught to students from both schools.

We invited members of the local community to our Shabbat service during which various students from King David led and explained the significance to those present. ...

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Reflections from Year 6 camp

My Best Camp Moment – by: Abi Krause (Year 6)

Every footstep led us closer and closer towards our next activity. Ahead a delicate, golden brown tree trunk with leaves dancing in the wind, stood right before our eyes. Beneath the beautiful tree, some classic yard games lay. Some of those games included, slack line, totem tennis and badminton. My favourite was the slack line because I felt like I was flying, with the support of my friends.

Once we’d received the ...

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A valuable educational experience

Year 7 camp was an opportunity for our students to explore their connection to country and understand the connections they have between themselves. During the week of camp, students had body boarding and surfing lessons. These sessions covered wave and rip formation to assist students to make informed decisions when in the surf. Then with some instructions on how to use the boards, they went out into the gentle surf break. While some students were quickly onto their feet looking ...

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Exciting challenges on Year 11 camp

Recently, the Year 11 students headed towards the Gippsland lakes to experience a three day camp, where many of us were able to take on a new set of challenges.

Upon arrival in Metung, we ate lunch, divided into groups and boarded our sailing boats. There we learned basic skills including understanding the location of the bow, stern, port and starboard, how to control the jib to throw a tack, navigation, and how to read weather and channel markers.

Under the guidance ...

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Cultural exchange on Year 8 camp

To describe camp in three words it would be, enlightening, confronting and beneficial. The camp experience was enlightening due to the insight is gave us on Aboriginal heritage and culture, but also to the fact that despite being at the opposite ends of the country and sharing a vastly different lineage, the kids up there were in many ways just like us.

The atmosphere on the shuttle bus to the airport could be described as two distinct groups, the moody awake ...

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Preparations for Indigenous Camp

Last week, Year 8 students participated in the first of four sessions facilitated by Stand Up Australia, to help prepare them for the upcoming Indigenous Camp at Jabiru. Below is a reflection from Maya Friedman-Mand on the learning they experienced.
On Thursday 3 May, Year 8 participated in a Stand Up Session in preparation for our Jabiru camp at the end of Term 2. We discussed our excitement about being able to travel to a distant part of Australia ...

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Exploring New Horizons in Year 9

New Horizons is a year-long program for Year 9 students that is designed to offer students opportunities to look outside themselves and to engage in the wider world. The aim of the program is to build students’ independence and resilience and develops life skills.

One of the highlights of this program is the Year 9 camp and students have returned today from the Grampians where they spent two weeks, exploring the area including independently camping overnight in groups and learning about ...

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Favourite Moments on Year 7 Camp

Year 7 Camp Memories – Cayden Vainer

On the 3rd day of camp, everyone in the year level went boogie boarding. This time we went to the surfing beach with massive waves so we would have more fun. It was amazing! I caught some of the best waves ever. It was one of the best bonding experience I’ve ever to had with my friends. I came out of this camp feeling like I made friends with basically everyone in our year ...

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Year 8 Indigenous Experience in Jabiru

Year 8 students had an incredibly enriching camp experience, travelling to the Kakadu and Jabiru areas in the Northern Territory. Students participated in four learning streams designed to provide learning in arts, technology, sport and the environment. The program also provided a cultural exchange opportunity with the Mirarr students through engagement across all these learnings, both at the Jabiru Area School and the Djidbidjidbi College. To watch a video from the camp, please click HERE. Below is a student ...

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Year 8 Students Tackle Kokoda Trail

As part of the students preparation for the upcoming Year 8 camp, a selected group of student tackled the Kokoda Trail at Ferntree Gully on Thursday. The walk entails the grueling ‘1000 steps’ up to One Tree Hill which was done in light drizzle for most of the walk. The students were given an understanding of the need for teamwork and support to get the most out of the group. On reaching the top we had a light snack before ...

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