A joyous Kinder Kabbalat Shabbat

Our Senior Kinder children delighted their grandparents and special friends today in a Kabbalat Shabbat that was full of joyous song and genuine engagement with the brachot and rituals of Shabbat. Each Kinder class then presented a video where the question “what do you love most about Shabbat” and “why do we have Shabbat” which was answered very thoughtfully by each child. Special handmade Shabbat-themed gifts were given to the grandparents and special friends before big hugs and kisses were ...

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Connecting to our rich Tanach heritage

Year 4 students were presented with their personal Tanachim by their families in a special celebration, Kabbalat Tanach on Thursday this week. The Tanach is a compilation of our foundational stories, guiding our personal, familial and communal ethics, values and beliefs. It is the history of the Jewish people and this ceremony is a handing down of heritage and tradition.

Recently the students have been learning Jewish Studies through a lens of understanding character analysis. Who a person is, what motivates ...

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Year 1s learn from Sofer STaM

According to Jewish tradition, it is a Mitzvah to affix a Mezuzah on the doorpost of each room. A Mezuzah is a parchment scroll contacting the Hebrew words of the ‘Shema’ prayer. The parchment also known as Klaf is written by a scribe who is known as Sofer STaM. As part of our Mezuzah unit the Year 1 students met Rabbi Eli Gutnick who is a Sofer STaM. Rabbi Gutnick explained about the tools he uses to write not only ...

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Year 6 – Jerusalem Old City tour guides!

Throughout Term 3, Year 6 students explored the question ‘How can we bring the old city of Jerusalem to life in the classroom?’. To answer this question, students were instructed to create, develop and facilitate an authentic tour of the Jerusalem old city. Students worked in groups to create a tour company that had expertise in one of the Quarters of the Old City. This project-based learning opportunity saw students become inquisitive and passionate about their Quarters and their subsequent ...

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Prep to 2 Grandparents’ Shabbat

Prep to Year 2 students’ enthusiasm was infectious today as they celebrated Kabbalat Shabbat with grandparents and special friends. They showcased their learning of the beautiful Shabbat rituals and songs and have clearly been engaged throughout their Jewish Studies classes. Led by Shneur Reti-Waks and Jewish Studies teachers Ravit Epstein, Adina Cavallaro and Justine Kaiser, it was a joyous celebration of our ancient traditions.

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Chag Shavuot Sameach

Shavuot (meaning “weeks”) marks the end of the seven week counting period from Pesach to Shavuot. On Shavuot we celebrate receiving the Torah. It is also a harvest festival, one of the pilgrimage festivals, on which people brought their spring offerings (known as ‘bikkurim’) to the Temple in Jerusalem. The eating of dairy foods is also favoured.

Students were invited to come to school dressed in white and with flowers in their hair or on their clothes. This is an Israeli ...

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Bonfire and learning for Lag B’Omer

Lag B’Omer (33rd day of the counting of Omer) is a lesser-known but vibrant day in the Jewish calendar. It marks the one day out of the 49 days (seven weeks) between Pesach and Shavuot when the atmosphere of semi-mourning is lifted in order to celebrate the end of a severe plague that was raging through the community of Rabbi Akiva and his disciples in the 2nd century CE.

The Senior School celebrated Lag B’Omer with a special event for students ...

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What a celebration!

The School was transformed into a sea of blue and white as students and staff celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut yesterday.

In the Junior School, students started the day with a tekes (ceremony) hosted by the Year 5 leaders followed by the traditional flag parade led by Year 4 students. As the Kindergarten children moved back to their rooms to get ready for their activities, the rest of the Junior School broke out into a joyous Israeli dancing party on the front play ...

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Remembering the fallen

Yom Hazikaron (remembrance day) was commemorated at the Senior School with a very solemn assembly which included meaningful presentations.

This annual commemoration honours fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror and is always on the day before Yom Ha’atzmaut. It symbolically remembers those who gave up their lives so that Yom Ha’atzmaut can be celebrated peacefully.

Our Hanhaga (student leadership) led the assembly which featured candle lighting, readings and poems, appropriate music and dance interpretations. A very moving presentation was also given ...

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To each person there is a name

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Commemoration Day) was marked with great solemnity in the Senior School. The day began with students focusing on a number of victims of the Shoah, reading accounts of their often brief lives, and trying to reduce the impossibly vast number of six million into individual lives, each one unique. ‘To each person there is a name,’ writes the Hebrew poet Zelda.

The commemorative assembly focused on the particular fate of children and young people in the Shoah, their ...

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