Virtual Excursion to the Corroboree Tree

This week the Year 1s experienced a ‘Virtual Excursion’ to the Corroboree Tree or ‘Ngargee’ Tree in St Kilda. The students ‘fastened their seatbelts’ as they got aboard the ‘Google Earth’ bus, which enabled us to travel to one of Melbourne’s oldest living things! This virtual visit to the Corroboree Tree complemented our Unit of Inquiry, exploring significant geographical places, in particular a local Indigenous Australian site of the Boonwurrung People. Our visit to the Corroboree Tree highlighted the importance of the Boonwurrung People’s connections to land and the role it plays in their traditions and culture. During our excursion we learnt that the Corroboree Tree is believed to be between 300 to 500 years old, and is sacred and significant to the Boonwurrung People. We shared that the Corroboree Tree was significant because it served as a meeting place for the Boonwurrung People to talk about important topics, and elders still meet there today!

Google Earth provided us with a platform to still have a ‘close up’ encounter with this towering red gum tree, investigating it’s features, surroundings and significance. By using the ‘Google Earth’ settings, we ‘zoomed’ in and saw the Tree from different perspectives, appreciating the beauty and location of the Corroboree Tree. This visit piqued our curiosity about this significant site, and students shared their thoughts and questions such as ‘I think there are so many people that visit this tree’ and ‘I wonder when this tree was discovered?’ We look forward to more opportunities to ‘virtually’ explore significant places and appreciate their value and importance!

Students showed their understanding of a ‘significant place’ and their ideas and questions about the Corroboree Tree.

Cassie and Kaisu

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