Distance Learning Technology in the Junior & Senior School

Like all schools, the shift to Distance Learning in the Technologies Learning Area in the Senior School has provided some challenges, particularly for the practical and making components of our technology programs. It has also provided some new opportunities to use technology in meaningful and powerful ways.

In Year 7 Coding our students have been applying their knowledge of HTML and CSS (the languages used for webpages) to create their own ePortfolios (electronic portfolios).

In Year 7 Design and Technology our students have begun the process of designing a personalised mobile phone case using a design thinking process. Students will then design using 3D Design CAD software (TinkerCad) and print using our 3D printers once we have returned to school.

Our Year 9 Technology and Innovation students have been learning about the use of the Arduino microcontroller, LED’s (light-emitting diodes) and circuits. This is part of their preparation to create an autonomous (driverless) car when we return to school. One challenge completed this week involved students creating a simple algorithm (a traffic light sequence), wiring the electrical components and then coding the Arduino using the C++ language in an online simulator.

A reminder that students can also be involved in our Technology programs via Distance Learning. For more information about the MERIT program (Making, Engineering, Robotics and Innovative Technologies) and some distance learning activities please refer to our pages on myKDS here: https://my.kds.vic.edu.au/homepage/4697/

Heath McGregor
MERIT Coordinator
Junior School students have continued with their ICT classes online, with Prep and Year 1 students learning Kodable, a directional coding program. Year 2 students have created home isolation stories using the open ended platform, Scratch Jr. Using Scratch Jr, Year 3 students were challenged to create their own game while Years 4 and 5 students worked with Micro bit to emulate the programming they have worked on in class with physical Micro bits.

During the school holidays, advanced extension work will be provided for interested students via their myKDS page.

To view a video of the work students have been engaged in, click HERE

Sanjin Dedic
eLearning teacher – Junior School

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