Insights – Chag Pesach Sameach

Dear Community,

Family legend has it that in the very early 1980s a very young KDS student (yes, that was me!) regaled his Pesach Seder attendees with a detailed retelling of the exodus complete with Moses loading the Hebrews into a Volvo station-wagon to cross the Red Sea.

I was clearly ahead of my time in the incorporation of technology into our ancient story. However, this year it is likely to be video-conferencing, rather than Swedish automobiles that will be centre stage.

While we are likely to celebrate one of the strangest Pesach periods in our lives, it is worth acknowledging the many positives that continue to abound during this trying time.

I have been simply awestruck at the flexibility and positivity of our staff who have with so little preparation time developed and delivered an incredible Distance Learning model across the School. I have been blown away by the professionalism and dedication of our ELC education team who continue to provide the loving service to needy families despite the clear challenges and I have been so proud to be associated with a community that offers our frontline medical professionals support in the form of supervised Distance Learning for their children to ensure that they can continue to perform their vital roles. I have been filled with gratitude towards our parents who have dedicated themselves in such a hands-on manner to their children’s learning and also to our students who have shown such resilience and good humour in the face of these significant disruptions.

Beyond school life, my family and friends have adapted to our new normal. Over the past week I participated in a Shabbat dinner, trip reunion, holiday group pub meal, PJV Annual General Meeting and a book club meeting all over video conferencing from the makeshift office in my bedroom.

Alongside these many positives is the acute awareness of the serious hardship that many in our community face. As has been made clear, both the health and financial impacts of COVID-19 are severe. I take the opportunity to assure you that our School Council, Finance Committee, business team and broader community stand ready to assist any member of the KDS community that requires it to get through this period. It has always been the case that the King David School community shines both in times of celebration and also in times of challenge and need.

To all members of our community, I wish you a happy, safe and unique Pesach. May the school holidays be filled with warmth and togetherness and may you all come back or (log on if the case calls for it) refreshed for learning in Term 2.

Chag Pesach Kasher v’sameach,


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