Connecting to the “Seven Senses”

Senior School students collaborated with Aboriginal artists (including Professor Liz Cameron, Chair of Indigenous Knowledges at Deakin) to create “The Seven Senses” mural, proudly displayed at the Orrong Road Campus.

Liz spent two days last week with her daughter Mikaela and Ben, another emerging artist and connected with students at the Senior School. In addition to classes visiting and chatting with the artists, a number of students were selected to work side by side with the artists on the mural. These students previously participated in the Reconciliation Action Plan meetings that the School has held over the past two terms.

Liz confirmed that their decision to illustrate the seven human senses was “based on a need for people to more deeply connect with themselves, others and the natural world”. The key features of the mural are seven large circles representing the seven senses. Mikaela explained that “the first five senses are the ones we all know; sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. The other two are aboriginal senses; that of gut feeling and imagination and dreaming of where you are and where you are going”. When combined, the seven senses represent complete education. Liz explained some of the key symbols in the mural, including the U shapes which represent people and the circles which can mean either campfires or communities. The arrow shaped markings represent kangaroo and emu paw marks.

See attached for detailed description of the seven senses.

Peter Julian
English Learning Area Leader Yrs 6-12

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