A joyous Purim

From the youngest Queen Esthers and Mordechai, to our Year 12 students decked out in space suits, all King David School students enjoyed a full day of Purim activities, characterised as always by intense colour, music, food and engaging sessions. Across the School, all students had the opportunity to fulfil the four mitzvot of Purim: exchanging mishloach manot (gifts), giving matanot l’evyonim (gifts for the needy), hearing the megillah and enjoying a mishteh (feast). ELC students donated to Flying Fox with Junior and Senior School students donating funds and needed items to C Care. At the Junior School, students participated in the traditional parade, showcasing creative costumes of all types. They were led in activities by Year 10 students participating in Hadracha (leadership program), gained insight into the writing of a megillah with a visiting sofer (scribe) and were entertained by a circus show and fair. At the Senior School, a circus theme defined many of the activities, decorations and food, with students participating in circus workshops, drumming and being entertained by skilled performers. Dassi, a member of Pathways, presented to certain year levels about the Purim themes of identity and masks in her journey from ultra-Orthodoxy to a more secular lifestyle.

Sidra Moshinsky Director of Jewish Life and Learning

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