New experiences on Year 7 camp

Being ‘out the back’ in among the waves as they were breaking, I experienced great pride when some of the students who hesitantly took to the surfboard a day earlier were proudly owning their newly acquired skills. Some of the students who are not typically sporty were standing up on each wave. Their determination to keep taking boards twice the size of them, be buffeted backward by each powerful wave, and keep dragging themselves and their boards out to the sand bar was truly a sight to see. On the second last day we split the groups into swimmers, boogie boarders and surfers, and yet students kept choosing the more difficult skill of stand up surfing. The smiles, whoops of joy, fist-pumps and cheers when each person got up showed amazing school spirit.

Camp is a plethora of challenges for resilience for some children; being away from loving homes and families; pets; everyday routines and life. For a week free of devices, students began to occupy themselves with games, sports, making stick fortresses out of bush elements and to experience the pure joy of spontaneous play. Skit night was truly entertaining, given the short amount of time that the students had to prepare. On the last day my proudest moment as a leader of a group came during feedback when a new student received unanimous praise from over eight students of the group as being friendly to everyone and pretty much embodying the spirit of the values of the group. The student identified in such a spontaneous and positive way, was beaming from the praise of their peers.

Damien Green
Boogie boarding, walking, surfing, skit night, more surfing, more boogie boarding, swimming in the ocean and having an amazing time. This basically sums up Year 7 camp. The aim of the camp was teamwork and we got to do this by helping each other stand up while surfing and doing different activities run by the teachers. Like Nina’s amazing dance lesson / party, building huts out of nature with the one and only Damien Green, doing archery and making fires by Russell Newman. These activities were the cherry on top after all the tiring, but amazing surfing. So many people tried so hard to get on top of that board, or catch a wave.

As we surfed over the week, we improved our skills and nearly everyone got to stand up. Then there was skit night, a night filled with comedy, laughter and stupidity. This was on the last night and was an extremely fun way to end the camp and relax. There were intermissions performed by two M.Cs (Gaby Polkinghorne-Katz and Asher Levy) who kept the audience in laughter. There were tales of fortune tellers, magicians, comedians, women doing aerobics and so many more magnificent acts. The final day of our trip included a beach carnival packed with beach games, lifesaving and house spirit. Galil came home with a win from the carnival and we all came home tired and happy.

Hannah Kausman
Throughout the week on Year 7 camp, I got to spend time with my friends and take part in amazing activities. We surfed at amazing beaches, went on walks, played sports, danced with Nina and more! My favourite thing at camp would have to be the beach carnival we had on the last day. At the carnival we were all split into our house teams to compete in a lot of different fun beach activities. My house is Negev, which was interestingly renamed ‘Nan’s Red Closet’ for the day. I had a lot of fun competing with my team. We all cheered for each other (which we actually got bonus points for), contributed in team strategies and overall worked great as a team.
The activities throughout the day consisted of building sand castles, having a relay race in the water, practicing life saving and racing on the sand!
Two things I definitely took away from camp would have to be better teamwork skills and the love for surfing.

Kara Freitag
Camp was the best!!! We had so many fun and engaging activities to do and we were never bored. The camp site was amazing. All the rooms had en-suites and they were so clean and comfortable. Go Ride A Wave was a really fun program and the beaches were so clean and tidy. It was the best camp I have ever been on and I am so excited for future camps at this amazing school!

Olivia Penny

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