Year 3 students – Kabbalat Siddur

On Tuesday morning, the Year 3 students received their Siddurim from their families at our Kabbalat Siddur tefillah. The Year 5s led the minyan (prayer community) and welcomed the proud and excited Year 3 students with some reflections and words of wisdom.

• “My personal Siddur is important to me because it is mine and nobody else’s. It feels nice to know that you have a Jewish object of your own to use in our community.”
• “I feel a part of my Jewish community when we are all in one place doing something together. Praying together in our years 3-5 minyan is important because we are like a family.”
• “Year 3s, now that you are joining our community, you should know that you never need to be scared to share your opinions here.”
• “You should know that it’s ok to make a mistake because we are going to be here for you.”

Students heard from staff members along with Year 3 parent, Monica, who shared the significance of personal and family Siddurim. Upon receiving their inscribed Siddurim, the Year 3 students were given a blessing by their parents and recited the shehechiyanu blessing for having reached such an auspicious new milestone. It was a moving tefillah celebration.

Louise Lowinger
Teacher & Jewish Life Coordinator K-5

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