The festival of Tu B’Shevat

The festival of Tu B’Shevat (the “birthday” of the trees) was celebrated this week at the School.

At the Junior School, Preps students focused on gratitude for trees and performed for the first time in P-2 Tefillah by השקדייה פורחת. They were so proud to wear their festive crowns and take part in their first ‘big’ school tefillah! Years 1 and 2 students participated in a Tu B’Shevat seder. Year 1s focused on dried fruits and Year 2s focused on red and white grapes, juice combinations and their association to the seasons. P-2 students planted in the kibbutz garden, while Years 3 & 4 students enjoyed activities with the JNF shaliach and looked at the Seven Species, Shivat HaMinim, attributed to the land of Israel in the Torah. Year 5s worked in collaborative groups to explore the evolving marking of Tu B’Shevat across Jewish history, considering the significance and practices of this day from the perspectives of the Rabbis of the Mishna, the Kabbalists of the Middle Ages, the Chalutzim and Modern Diaspora Jews.

At the Senior School, students celebrated the festival with a birthday party including cake and singing happy birthday to the trees. Money was raised for the WWF wildlife and habitat regeneration.

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