Intrepid sailors on Year 11 camp

Last week the Year 11 cohort traveled to the Gippsland lakes to partake in a 3 day sailing camp. Throughout the trip we were guided by instructors from Rivera and staff from King David to learn the basics of sailing and how to live in a confined space with others. We learned the terminology associated with the sport such as “Jibe” and “Tack” as well as when and how to use them. Our camp experience was accompanied by those of fishy nature (pods of Bottlenose dolphins and jellyfish.) Our sailing teams traveled the lakes and saw gorgeous views of the area, as well as some pit stops in Paynesville and Metung along the way. Each afternoon we would dock the boats and be able to hang around and relax until the next day. Each group had to cook their own dinners which was quite enjoyable.

Emily Borenstein (Year 11)

To view a short video from camp, please watch HERE

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