Building the city of the future with LEGO

Last Sunday, a keen group of Junior School students attended the FIRST Lego League Junior Expo held at Swinburne University. The event was packed with over 20 Lego displays from schools across Victoria and hundreds of interested visitors. The theme for the day was “building the city of the future”. Given that we were situated in the Advanced Technologies Centre that hosts various cutting edge robots, the atmosphere was very futuristic

The King David students had created three displays: our first team built an ancient underwater city (as a result of global warming) which was inspired by Minecraft portrayals of Atlantis with a revolutionary underwater train showing the sites. Our second team built a Hover Park which was much like a skate park but for Hover Boards which were used for sports, entertainment and transportation. Our third team built an Eco Village next to a lake which featured a beautiful abandoned house, an Eco Centre, a boat and a pier. The village was side by side with a very large bridge supporting a futuristic train.

Our students had a great time sharing their work and meeting fellow Lego enthusiasts. We will definitely be back next year! In the meantime we will have our Lego Creations on display for the Junior School on Tuesday 10 December during the last period.

Sanjin Dedic
eLearning teacher

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