The Year 5 camp last week included climbing high and low ropes, building rafts and creating dreamcatchers. Students also visited the penguin parade on Phillip Island, had a bonfire and competed in a trivia night. All of this while making new friends, working as a team, supporting each other through homesickness and surviving 37 degrees!

Taryn Stark and Gideon Sharp

Below are reflections from students on their experience:
• I loved that my group won trivia – Sam L
• I loved seeing the penguins – Noah
• I wanted to spend more time with the animals on the property – Susie
• The best thing for me was the high ropes because I got to propel myself to touch the target and face my fear – Juliet
• I was proud of Issy because she faced her fear of heights – Zara A
• I had an extremely good cabin – Zac Y
• I loved seeing the teachers use the whip during our farm visit – Sam B
• I faced my fears by going on camp and doing the high ropes course – Lola
• I tried something new, even though I didn’t want to – Ella
• I pushed my comfort zone by doing the leap of faith on the high ropes course – Millie
• I saw a snake up close! – Corey
• I was in a great cabin and made new friends – Charlie
• I loved feeding the horses on the property with Anais before dinner – Lucy
• I loved making rafts and canoeing because I loved the challenge of building a fact and the fun of canoeing – Eden L
• I was really scared of going on the high ropes but my group supported me the whole way and I made it up! I really pushed out of my comfort zone – Jess
• I challenged myself on the high ropes to do something I really wasn’t confident with – Zara J
• I wanted to go on the canoes, but my group ran out of time – Zekie
• I loved how everything was set up, so you could talk to everyone and make new friends – Leo G
• I loved swimming in the cold pool with my group – Zoe
• My cabin was amazing and my teachers were there for me all week – Lyla
• I loved watching the penguins – Jade
• I loved seeing the penguins come home – Leo A
• I loved it when the penguins came up really close – it was an amazing experience – Indi
• It was fun when the raft that my group and I made could fit everyone and still float – Anais
• I liked going to the Churchill Heritage Farm – Toby
• I loved the penguins because they got so close to me – Zac R
• During the high ropes course, I loved walking on the catwalk and being able to feel like I was flying – Issy
• I loved seeing the penguins so close to us – Jesse
• It was funny when Debbie told me to ‘yeat’ the raft we made to the middle of the dam – Elliott
• It was amazing that our raft held eight people – Eden C

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