Gan Seorah went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Last Wednesday Gan Seorah enjoyed an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. Endangered animals was our topic of choice and we were treated to a beautiful play-based session by our Zoo keeper guide Francesca. Over the last week or so we have focused our learning on three Australian endangered animals, the Helmeted Honeyeater, the Corroboree Frog and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Francesca reinforced the learning back at Kinder and the children had the chance to engage with a range of materials to create habitats for the toy animals. Regrouping to observe and pat a real life tortoise, it was time to farewell Francesca and visit the rest of the zoo.

Splitting up into two groups, group one visited the elephants, the butterflies and the orang-utans, while group two found the giraffes and the Australian animals, before meeting up at the very cool corroborree frog wiggles disco. Enjoying some yummy lunch, with only a little time left before we would need to board the buses, we decided to quickly visit the seals and penguins on a whirlwind tour. We well and truly tired out our Kindergarten class, with several falling asleep on the bus ride home. Such a fabulous day!

Laura Pearce
Kindergarten Teacher

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