Name a Star!

Gan Rimon Kindergarten this year has been studying the Apollo 11 Anniversary and all about the Solar System. This led into the “name a star and its orbiting planet” competition which we entered, as part of the International Astronomical Union its 100 birthday. We are one of the 6 finalists!

We would love everyone to vote so that our Kindergarten and The King David School will have the prestige honour of naming a new Solar System . The finalist with the most votes wins!

Our Kindergarten students are finalists in a competition to and we need YOUR vote to help us win!

How to vote:
1. Visit
2. Click on the entry name: Finalist 5: Star: Womindjeka, Planet: Bunji
3. Click on the green “👍”

Voting is anonymous and no personal details will be needed. Voting closes 9am on Monday 11 November!

Jennifer Duband
Kindergarten Teacher

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