Climate change and cities of the future

Throughout the Humanities classes in Term 3 , Year 7 students worked very hard tackling the difficult problem of climate change and how the cities of the future will be designed to sustainably manage the needs of a growing population while reducing our carbon footprint.

In small groups, students researched, designed and built sustainable cities of the future. Each city had to deliver zero emissions strategies across four key sectors: Energy, Transportation, Housing/Infrastructure and Agriculture. At their Exhibition on Friday, the cohort shared their ideas with the school community and their enthusiasm and knowledge was evident to all who were in attendance.

A big congratulations to the winners of the competition, ‘Up City’, comprised of Raphi Bloch, Jaida Cohen, Bella Livne, Daniel Menashe and Luci Vidal who narrowly beat out a number of fantastic entrants.

Adi Zayon
Senior School Teacher

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