F1 in Schools STEM Challenge – outstanding students!

The F1 in Schools STEM Challenge is a worldwide student competition for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The challenge is multi-faceted and multi-disciplined requiring students to follow an engineering and manufacturing process to design, analyse, test, make and race a miniature F1 car capable of reaching speeds up to 80km/hour along a 20-meter track.

King David School Year 11 students Jordan Engel, Daniel Eikelis, Joel Langer, Daniel Lindros and Ashley Morris worked tirelessly on the challenge over many months and recently competed against 26 other teams in the Melbourne event achieving an award for outstanding industry collaboration. The King David School team were competitive in all aspects of the challenge, which also included a trade display, portfolios, securing sponsorship, marketing and team uniforms.

The students developed technical experience using cutting edge tools such as CNC routers, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software and simulation software to test the aerodynamics of their models. Critically they also developed skills in problem-solving, project management, collaboration and entrepreneurship whilst making new friends in this exciting STEM initiative.

Heath McGregor
Senior School Teacher

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