“King Bridges” – Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

Adara Frisch and Abraham Nathan-Valentine designed and constructed a balsawood bridge that a held a 19.6 kg mass at the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition on Wednesday 18 September. They had worked for several weeks in the lead-up to the event, even making a prototype to trial test. Louis Pittas (Science teacher) mentored Adara and Abraham. Good effort team ‘King Bridges’

Lesley MalliganPaul (LAL Science)
The Aurecon Bridge building competition is a competition where lots of schools from around Melbourne are given very select amounts of balsa wood, string and glue and have to build a bridge. The KDS team this year, comprised Adara Frisch and Abraham Nathan-Valentine and assisted by Louie Pittas. Before we built the actual bridge, we built a test bridge. This was to ensure that we had enough materials, the design was makeable and more importantly, where it broke. The test bridge, which had a relatively basic truss design, could hold >90kg without breaking and only broke because it twisted. We then created the actual bridge using a very similar design, this time adding supports across the top to stop the twisting. When the bridge was tested however, it only held 19.4kg. We suspect that this is a result of not using enough glue in the joints because the trusses broke off from the frame, forcing the load onto the frame, thus breaking it. Next time we will remember to put LOTS of glue in the joints.
Abraham Nathan-Valentine (Year 9)

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