Educating for a sustainable future

In line with the School’s commitment to educating for a sustainable future, students will take personal responsibility for electricity consumption with the completion of the first of a three stage installation of solar panels on the roofs of our campuses. By the end of September, 80% of the School’s power will be generated by the sun. We are proud to be amongst the first schools to undertake this initiative.

This system is linked to an innovative app and students will be able to monitor electricity generation and consumption at each campus in real time. The effect of turning off lights, reducing air conditioning use and unplugging unused equipment will immediately be fed back to the students via monitors placed throughout the School, positively reinforcing power-saving actions. Marc Light has commented that this initiative is an “exciting and tangible teaching opportunity to educate our students about the science behind solar power and the ways we can reduce our environmental footprint”.

There are already many programs across the School where even the youngest students participate in activities that reduce the School’s environmental impact. Students are encouraged to bring “nude food” to school for lunch, eliminating packaging waste; paper use is minimised with strict printer monitoring; and food scraps are saved from the school tuckshops for composting.

The School has a dedicated Sustainability Committee which considers environmental responsibility in all aspects of School life. Anna Fink, Junior School teacher and head of the School’s Sustainability Committee said, “with students able to see in real time the amount of energy being generated on the roof of the School, they can see how each person has the ability to make a difference to the environment without it costing a lot of money.”

Co-School Captain Ella Freeman said, “we are delighted to see our school take action on the most pressing issue facing our generation today.” Co-Captain Freya Boltman continued, “we hope to see a culture of environmental awareness and action permeate the school community as a result of this green initiative.”

The King David School is educating and modelling a generation of people where sustainability is not simply a choice to make, but a lived experience.

To view a time lapse video of the solar panel installation at the Magid Campus from last week, please click HERE

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