Emerging Innovative Minds Conference

Year 12 students Joshua Brill, Ari Feldman, Aaron Greenwell and Jacob Moulton attended two program sessions of “The Emerging Innovation Summit 2019”. It was an insightful event that offered the students a rare opportunity to learn what some of the world’s best innovators and thinkers have to say about our rapidly changing world.

There were speakers who discussed the latest innovations driven by imagination, creativity, design thinking, system design, technology and business innovation. KDS made a special presentation about green innovation in the school environment.

There was a panel discussion on ‘Creativity & Design” lead by Professor Peter Cebon (Jessica Cebon’s father), Head of Innovation Practice Program, The University of Melbourne. Jacob Moulton asked the panel the following question: “should the Australian education system focus more on entrepreneurship and innovation rather than mass memorisation”? This resulted in a detailed discussion regarding this issue, highlighting how as society develops its education system needs to do so alongside it.

Lesley MalliganPaul (Science LAL) and Jacob Moulton

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