Museums Together – fostering respect and acceptance

Over the last month, the Year 6 cohort have been part of a pilot program called Museums Together. This program aims to not only educate students from Jewish and Islamic schools against intolerance and racism, but build real bridges between communities to foster respect and acceptance. The students met with students from Sirius College (predominantly Islamic families) and acted as guides at their respective museums, cultivating a deeper understanding of each other’s culture.

This week, the King David students were hosts at the Jewish Museum and St. Kilda Shule. The activities included: a Jewish History board game, a giant family story book, writing your name in Hebrew with ink and parchment, a synagogue tour (which included a mock-wedding), Israeli dancing, challah making, a role play of Shabbat and guess the Jewish object. The day was extremely successful with students from both schools breaking down barriers and enjoying each other’s company. The King David students were outstanding; they were able to educate the Sirius students in a fun, engaging and interactive manner. There has been a lot of interest from the media, with ABC Radio National Life Matters doing an interview (podcast: HERE/) and a recent article published in the Australian newspaper:

The Year 6 cohort will be travelling to the Islamic Museum early in November where they will reconnect with their Sirius College counterparts, this time learning about the Islamic Faith.

Andrew Berhang
Year 6 Coordinator

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