Write a Book in a Day

A cockroach with the voice of an angel, riddles encased in an envelope and a potion to cure amnesia were just some of the ideas students wrote about in the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ event. On Thursday 8 August, Year 5 students worked in teams over a twelve hour period, to craft stories as part of the Nationwide competition. The competition required that teams create a cohesive Narrative of at least 2000 words, as well as integrating certain parameters such as including a guitarist, a ferry wharf and five specified ‘random words’.

Throughout the entire day, students maintained a high level of engagement, enthusiasm and effort as they worked towards their common goal. The stories showcased the creative talents of our Year 5 students and their strong command of Literacy. Congratulations to all teams for setting high expectations…and achieving them. In addition, we commend the students for raising $240 for the Kids’ Cancer Project, the coordinators of the initiative.

Thanks to the team of teachers who each made special contributions to enhance the day – Sanjin Dedic, Rebecca Fiala, Rosalyn Muir, Ayal Nathan, David Opat, Rebecca Rudstein, and Alison Wallace

Debbie Arnheim, Sara Edwards, Gideon Sharp and Taryn Stark
Here is a taste of the books:

A Little Bit Of Magic
Published by The King Writers
Mackenzie Harvey is a 12 year old girl who goes to Lemington Primary School, with her worst enemy… Roger. Roger is the school bully who makes her life extremely difficult. But when Roger and Mackenzie get to know each other, they are both shocked by the truth that was kept a secret…

The Quest
Published by The Writers
These two teenage kids have something in common between them but don’t know what. They go on a big journey to find what it is.

The Cursed Cousin
Published by SAABZZ
A story about mystery, and the strength of family – you’ll never know what will happen next! Two cousins. One evil man who curses them. A whole lot of trouble. A hooded man puts Steve, the cockroach cousin, in danger, but little does he know that that will only make the other cousin fight more for his family member’s freedom, especially since Steve is his only relative left alive.

The Home in your Heart
Published by The Epic Writers
Haley got lost when she was three, and was turned into a cockroach. Ever since then, she had to live underground. One day she meets Tom, a guitarist who is a kind guy. Find out what will happen when they meet the witch who lives next door to Tom. Will she help them, or turn everything on its head? A story about friendship and hope!!

The Ring Slayer
Published by The Six Diamonds
Join Will and Amber on their romantic adventure to get hitched. Find out why a mysterious stranger tries to steal the ring. Come and join the adventure…

The Crash
Published by S.W.E (Smartest Writers Ever)
Alfred and Lily are brother and sister but they don’t know it yet. When they both received notes saying they have a sibling, it changed their life. Their adventure is exciting and has many plot twists. Lily’s gig needs a guitarist so she thought of getting Alfred. Alfred needed a new job so he went to find Lily. Read on to find out what happened.

How Poor And Rich Can Bond Together
Published by The Bookworms
A heartwarming story about two young men; one rich, one poor, and how they bond. A story of hope and luck and becoming famous.

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