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This week was a national celebration of science; Science Week. To celebrate, KDS participated in many science-themed activities, including a kick-off science assembly on Tuesday. The theme for Science Week this year is missions on the moon; in celebration of the moon landings 50th anniversary. For the assembly, many Year 7 students, such as myself, gave presentations. I was supposed to sing a song which I made up to the tune of “Sound Of Silence”. Instead, it was the “Sound of Science!” However, when I got up on stage, and saw everyone watching me, I suddenly felt a rush of nervousness. I stood there for a few seconds, staring at the floor, without saying a word. That was when fellow Year 7 student Kayla Bass came up and offered to sing it with me, having not ever heard it before. Being accompanied made me so much less afraid. So we sang it together, and I felt a lot more confident when Kayla was with me. I hope that Kayla inspired many of the other students to help others when they need it. Kayla’s kindness, generosity and bravery was powerful, strong and present. This really demonstrated the kind and beautiful attitude present in the students of KDS.

Natasha Freiberg (Year 7)
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It has been an extraordinary celebration of all things science this week!

Observational cosmology and radio science speaker
For Tuesday’s assembly the guest presenter was Dr. Nichole Barry, a passionate researcher in the field of observational cosmology and radio science. To sum her up she is a “Radio AstroEngineer/coder/Physicist. She is a Melbourne University scientist and her team are working to pinpoint the exact moment the universe went from being dark to light, after the Big Bang. The extraordinary task means travelling to some of Australia’s most remote areas. Students and teachers alike were inspired by her presentation.

International Space Station live stream
On Wednesday interested Year 8 students were fascinated by the live stream from the International Space Station in the library hosted by Mark Hatchman Also on Wednesday, Ari Feldman (Year 12) took out first place in The Kahoot challenge Quiz (Space Exploration). 74% of the 31 questions were correctly answered.

Grand Day Out!
On Thursday, Ayal Nathan hosted the Movie – Wallace and Gromit – Grand Day Out! Students enjoyed a great animation. Wallace and Gromit decided to take a trip to the moon, as they think that the moon is made of cheese. They build a rocket in Wallace’s basement and set off to the moon.

Skype with a BioScientist
On Thursday, the Year 11 Biology class had a “Skype with a BioScientist”. Students asked Dr Paul McMillian questions such as: How did you become a biomedical scientist? Why did you become a biomedical scientist? Did you always want to be a scientist? What is Astrobiology? What are the best parts of your job? What are the challenges of your job? It was a valuable opportunity to inspire the next generation of biomedical scientists, and it was great to continue an ongoing relationship with Melbourne University.

Earth in Space Expo
Today, Year 7 students hosted an Earth in Space Expo. They presented their key knowledge and 3D models to very interested Year 3 students! A Planetarium Science Dome gave Year 7 students a chance to visually explore the earth’s moon and beyond.

Big scientist/little scientist
Kayla Bass, Ariella Lyons, Daniel Menashe, Dylan Umansky and Shelley Wajsbrem shared their knowledge of ‘Earth in Space” to Year 5 students as part of the Big scientist/little scientist program.

The daily challenges related to the theme of ‘space game changers’ were awarded to KDS staff Yoel Benn, Nina Hoffman and Margaret Pagone. Ashira Sabel, Ari Feldman, Justin King took out the student honours.

Many thanks to the Humanities department who incorporated insightful links to Science in their lessons this week. Year 8 students were asked to research an inspirational, change-making Renaissance thinker and create a poster as part of their Passion for Thinking (P4T) research. Some students focussed on Galileo and other medical researchers and scientists. Instead of an A4 poster, Nathan put the ideas into physical shape! As both Margaret Pagone and Michelle Bass would quote “History and philosophy of science is fascinating and vital to understanding of world development”

The Science department want to acknowledge all the students who have got involved in various Science enrichment programs this year. It is commendable that so many have shown commitment and enthusiasm to deepen their understanding of the Physical and Biological Sciences. Please continue to get involved or consider expressing your interest in future events. As Albert Einstein quoted ……“Anyone who has ever made a mistake …has never tried anything new”.


Lesley MalliganPaul (LAL Science)

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