Connecting to our rich Tanach heritage

Year 4 students were presented with their personal Tanachim by their families in a special celebration, Kabbalat Tanach on Thursday this week. The Tanach is a compilation of our foundational stories, guiding our personal, familial and communal ethics, values and beliefs. It is the history of the Jewish people and this ceremony is a handing down of heritage and tradition.

Recently the students have been learning Jewish Studies through a lens of understanding character analysis. Who a person is, what motivates them and what forms the core of their truest self. In striving to learn more about themselves, the Year 4s discussed their own Hebrew name, its meaning and why it was chosen for them. We are told that parents are given a glimmer of divine inspiration when naming their baby. Judaism consider a name to be the conduit of divine energy and in bestowing a name on each of our children we pass on attributes, characteristics and the essence of what makes each of us unique individuals.

Our Year 4 students shared their reflections on their own names and character traits. They created unique artworks and discussed how they feel connected to our rich Tanach heritage. Each child spoke beautifully and touchingly. Kol Hakavod!

Justine Kaicer and Louise Lowinger

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