Statewide Science Talent Search

Years 4 and 5 students were given the opportunity to invent, experiment and create in the Science Talent Search, a Statewide competition. Interested students committed lunchtimes and time after school delving into scientific principles related to an area of interest. They were required to complete a sophisticated project and write a comprehensive written report. Projects are currently exhibited on the ground floor, Junior Campus.

On Thursday 26 July, students attended Judging Day where they conducted an oral presentation to a panel of judges. Claudia Snow reported that “Ruby and I presented our model to the judges who asked questions, and we explained our model and the science involved.” Luella Freitag, who is interested in space, wanted to “represent the moon in an experiment.” She found it a challenge “to photograph the plants every day to track the growth.”

Congratulations to Leo Aarons, Ben Aghion, Carmen Blumenthal, Eden Cantoni-Bud, Rene Freiberg, Luella Freitag, Toby Hauser, Josh Levy, Josh Nahamkes, Ruby Page and Claudia Snow, for producing exceptionally high calibre work.

Debbie Arnheim
Talent Development Coordinator

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