Round 4 DAV debates – hat trick!

A hat trick! Congratulations once again to our intrepid debaters for their valiant efforts in representing KDS in the annual DAV interschool debating competition. On Wednesday evening this week, our three teams were victorious in the penultimate round of debates.

In the D Grade debate, Alex Cowen, Charley Cowen and Tobi Taranto debated the negative of the proposition ‘That convicted criminals should not be allowed to publish accounts of their crimes’. The B Grade debaters, Daniel Lindros, Josh Mitelman and Max Sandler debated the negative of ‘That schools should not teach the positive contributions of bad people’, with Max Sandler being awarded Best Speaker. The A Grade competitors debated the negative of the topic, ‘That the human race should strive for immortality’.

All spoke clearly and with conviction and tackled the intricate issues embedded in the topics, with suitable evidence and explanations.

Will we have teams in the finals this year? Stay tuned. Why not come along to Caulfield Grammar on Wednesday, 14 August to support the Year 11s at 7pm and/or the Year 9s and 12s at 8pm in their final round to determine the ladders?

Margaret Pagone
Humanities Learning Area Leader Yrs 6-12

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