Year 1s learn from Sofer STaM

According to Jewish tradition, it is a Mitzvah to affix a Mezuzah on the doorpost of each room. A Mezuzah is a parchment scroll contacting the Hebrew words of the ‘Shema’ prayer. The parchment also known as Klaf is written by a scribe who is known as Sofer STaM. As part of our Mezuzah unit the Year 1 students met Rabbi Eli Gutnick who is a Sofer STaM. Rabbi Gutnick explained about the tools he uses to write not only the Mezuzah but also T’fillin and Sefer Torah. He uses a turkey or a goose feather and quill to form the Hebrew letters which are written in a special way/font on a piece of parchment made of Kosher animal skin.

Students had the opportunity to use feather and quill to write the Alef-Bet letters themselves.

Ravit Epstein
Junior School Teacher

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