Interfaith Dialogue Day

This week, Ilim College hosted Year 11 students from King David representing Judaism and Thomas Carr College representing Christianity for an Interfaith Dialogue Day. After a brief description of each school, the students played human bingo and had speed chat circles to get to know one another. Then discussion circles unpacked stereotypes of each faith community in the media and the violence which is conducted in the name of religion. All participants spoke positively about the invigorating and frank discussions had. The students attended Mosque and midday Salaat or prayers before having a delicious lunch of Pizza and Middle Eastern Food. During the day, the students spontaneously shared Eastern European and Middle Eastern dance styles and on one of the tables students learned to write their names in Ivrit and Arabic. Interfaith Coordinator Linna Abdi canvassed ideas from other teachers prior to the day from participating schools about what to discuss and do which was a big part of the day.

Damien Green

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