Critical Thinking at the Philosothon

This week a group of aspiring philosophers from Years 4-6 attended the Primary School Philosothon. Our students’ critical thinking skills were on display as they questioned, interpreted, analysed, explored, evaluated and reflected upon some of the original iconic artworks at the NGV Ian Potter Gallery. The theme of the Philosothon was Sustainability and Our Future. Some of the concepts and topics that students discussed were; technology, childhood, industrialisation and the relevance of time.

Below are some student reflections from the day.

• There are so many different perspectives to consider when you are looking at a painting and you’re ideas are constantly moving and changing. (Lola Rozenes – Year 5)

• The conversations that we had today, gave the artwork a different meaning and made it more interesting. (Sienna Vorchheimer – Year 6)

• I think that you can uncover a lot more answers and possibilities when you have a discussion. ( Josh Levy – Year 4)

Adam Black
Philosophy Coordinator

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