Reflections from Year 6 camp

My Best Camp Moment – by: Abi Krause (Year 6)

Every footstep led us closer and closer towards our next activity. Ahead a delicate, golden brown tree trunk with leaves dancing in the wind, stood right before our eyes. Beneath the beautiful tree, some classic yard games lay. Some of those games included, slack line, totem tennis and badminton. My favourite was the slack line because I felt like I was flying, with the support of my friends.

Once we’d received the safety instructions, Mika, Stella and I went to the slack line. I helped Mika get across and then Stella helped me. In five short minutes, I got ready to put on my harness.

Suddenly all of my emotions overcame me. What if the holds on the tree were too far apart? Will my group make fun of me if I don’t reach the top? I was strapped in and ready for action. My legs were shaking as fast as a wet dog on a cold day. Luckily my first step calmed me, so did the second and third. Unfortunately, on the rest of the climb, the shaking and emotions came back to me like a swarm of angry and ready to sting bees. What if I fall? What if my foot slips? How will I get down?

My legs kept on shaking until I heard some noise below. Was that cheering? I looked down and realised it was the sounds of my awesome friends! Those motivational words pushed me higher and higher up the tree. Before I knew it, I was there sitting on the top branch. I waved to my friends and reminded myself of how brave I was. After my glory, I got up and faced the tree ready to abseil back down again. I felt so comfortable and relieved to be back on the ground and out of that tight harness. Exhilarated, I yelled, “I want to do it again!”

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