Bonfire and learning for Lag B’Omer

Lag B’Omer (33rd day of the counting of Omer) is a lesser-known but vibrant day in the Jewish calendar. It marks the one day out of the 49 days (seven weeks) between Pesach and Shavuot when the atmosphere of semi-mourning is lifted in order to celebrate the end of a severe plague that was raging through the community of Rabbi Akiva and his disciples in the 2nd century CE.

The Senior School celebrated Lag B’Omer with a special event for students in Years 10-12 after school. Students enjoyed a bonfire, sang songs, ate fire cooked baked potatoes and heard from Ashley Densham, founder and President of Kehilat Kolenu. Ashley spoke about the Kolenu founding story and what keeps his internal fire burning to make an inclusive Jewish experiential space in the Melbourne Jewish community. All other year levels explored the themes and messages of Lag B’Omer in Tefillah and Jewish studies classes.

At the Junior School, the festivities began in Jewish Studies classes throughout the week, where students learnt the history, customs and songs associated with the fiery celebration. Yesterday, the hint of smoke could be smelt faintly around the School, leading up to lunchtime as a bonfire was lit. Students feasted on roasted marshmallows and potatoes whilst having a Lag B’Omer inspired campfire tisch (sing along), recalling the teffilot and Lag B’Omer song already learnt by students. Activities continued with the assistance of madrichim from youth movements, including archery and camping out in the forest.

Jewish Life Team

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