Purim Fever

This year’s Purim festivities were bigger and brighter than ever. From our youngest Pre-Schoolers to the Year 12s, students had the opportunity to immerse in the story, culture and vibrancy of the festival. In an age- and stage-appropriate manner, all parts of the School engaged in the key mitzvot (commandments) of Purim – giving and receiving gifts (mishloach manot), providing for those in need (matanot le’evyonim), hearing Megillat Esther and, of course, feasting.

Highlights of the day were many and varied. For those in the Junior School, the day included the annual costume parade where creativity and spirit were on display, using their handmade rashanim to drown out Haman’s name during the Megillah reading, visiting Emmy Monash to brighten the festival for the residents, gaining an insight into the writing of a Megillah from a qualified sofer (scribe) and participating in fair activities.

For older students, the day began with a Persian market experience, followed by a whole-school assembly featuring the Year 12 dance, newly launched Jewish music ensemble, Naana, and a costume parade. The day continued with engaging presentations about identity, packing charitable items for those in need, high-tech Megillah readings, a colour run and Persian feast. It ended with a staff-teacher debate on the ease with which students could assume the role of teachers for a day – or not!

Please visit the Parent Portal/Media/Photo Gallery for photos from your child’s Purim experience.

Sidra Moshinsky
Director of Jewish Life and Learning

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