Year 5 Student Leaders at Junior School

The Year 5 students have now completed their leadership training program and have been inducted as leaders of the Junior School campus. In their training program, they looked at what is the difference between a leader and a boss, the qualities that a good leader possess and leadership by example. They also carried out a design thinking process in their Va’adot (committees) which helped them arrive at their specific goals for the year. The students have already started displaying their leadership skills on the campus by taking care of younger students and leading by example in Tefillah.

At the leadership induction ceremony, they heard from Marc Light, David Opat and two members of the Senior School student leadership team (Jay Boymal and Avishai Conyer) about how to be a great student leader. The students explained their goals for the year for each committee, took the oath of office and received their leadership badge. Finally, Rabbi Gersh Lazarow assisted the Year 5’s in blessing the whole school community. We have no doubt that it will be a great year in the Junior School with our wonderful Year 5 leaders involved.

David Opat
Vice-Principal Wellbeing and Head of Junior School

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