A valuable educational experience

Year 7 camp was an opportunity for our students to explore their connection to country and understand the connections they have between themselves. During the week of camp, students had body boarding and surfing lessons. These sessions covered wave and rip formation to assist students to make informed decisions when in the surf. Then with some instructions on how to use the boards, they went out into the gentle surf break. While some students were quickly onto their feet looking like Kelly Slater or Steph Gilmore, the less confident were riding the shore break with big smiles on their faces. By the end of the water sessions, most students had experienced the euphoria of standing on the board.

All students had sessions with Indigicate staff who assisted them in developing a stronger understanding of the Indigenous history of the land. From boomerang throwing to learning circles, the students were encouraged to learn from each other and from the environment.

For many students it was the first time they had slept in a tent and over two nights, they cooked a meal on the Trangia stoves. In addition to learning how to prepare and cook a basic meal, our students appreciated the value of teamwork and communication. Cleaning dishes has now taken on a new meaning for them.

Many thanks to the staff who came attended the camp and ensured students were supported and meaningfully engaged.

Russell Newman
Camps Coordinator Whole School

Boogie-boarding, surfing and challenge valley (an obstacle course requiring teamwork) were some of the exciting activities we participated in on Year 7 camp which took place at Eumeralla Scout Camp, Anglesea.

On the first day, after a long bus ride, we were taken to Point Addis and then walked 6 km to the campsite.

Over the next 4 days we bonded over group activities, such as sleeping in tents and cooking our own meals on trangias. Everyone worked extremely well together and the meals turned out fantastic.

One of my favourite activities was surfing. It was so much fun standing up and riding waves with friends.

Overall the camp was super fun and a great experience.

By Trixie Burstin-Irwin, 7YB
On Monday 25 February, Year 7 students were very excited as it was time to leave for camp. We all boarded the bus and embarked on the two hour drive to Anglesea. We arrived at Point Addis and were met by the Indigicate staff who gave us a briefing about respect. Then we embarked on the 6km walk to our campsite.

It was an extremely hot day and there was very little shade on the walk. We all got through it with lots of water and breaks. Eventually we got to Eumeralla Scout Camp, which is just outside of Angelsea and where we would be staying for the next four nights. We were split into groups; two of which quickly changed into bathers to go bodyboarding while the other groups relaxed at the campsite. Two of the groups had to go set up their tents as they would be camping for the first two nights. They also had to cook their own food. The other groups had chef Oded cooking for them.

The next few days passed in a whirl of amazing activities such as boomerang throwing, surfing, bodyboarding, orienteering, sandcastle competitions, more walks and much more. The food was amazing when Oded was cooking, but not so much when we had to cook it ourselves on the Trangias. The teachers and staff were also amazing. It was a great experience and most of us were very sad when we had to go home.

A massive thank you to all the Indigicate staff, our homeroom teachers, Ms Syros, Maya, Russell for organizing, David for making the Trangia food bearable and chef Oded for making our other dinners delicious.

David Lipton (Year 7)

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