Top of the class!

As part of the VCE Systems Engineering Units 3 & 4 course, students are required to complete a School-Assessed Task (SAT) which contributes 50% to the subject’s study score. This SAT is a year long project which requires each student to identify a problem, need or opportunity, and then develop a plan that will allow the student to solve that problem, or address the need or opportunity that has been identified. Students will then design and build their project which consists of both mechanical and electronic subsystems. At the heart of each project is a micro-controller (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi) which is connected to a variety of sensors and motors which provides the control over the system that the student has constructed. Testing and enhancing the functionality of their project are also important aspects of the SAT.

Year 12 student, Ethan Engelander was nominated late last year for the VCE Season of Excellence – Top Designs, for his project. To gain perspective, in 2018 there were over 1,000 students who undertook the VCE Systems Engineering 3 and 4 units, so this was a massive achievement. VCE Season of Excellence is a five-month annual arts festival showcasing outstanding senior secondary student work from Victorian schools. The Season presents works created by VCE students in design, technology, multimedia and the cinematic, visual and performing arts through exhibitions, screenings and performances supported by education talks, forums and panel discussions, catalogues, programs and online material.

To be short-listed for VCE Top Designs (part of the VCE Season of Excellence), requires a project to score highly across all of the VCAA’s SAT criteria, and is a wonderful acknowledgement of a student’s capability to innovate. Ethan has recently been advised his project was accepted into Top Designs! This is an incredible achievement and huge honour. His is one of only eight projects from Systems Engineering statewide to be selected. Australia needs to encourage and inspire the innovators of tomorrow to ensure our country’s future prosperity. This award seeks to encourage and recognise our future innovators.

Ethan’s work will be displayed at the Melbourne Museum from 30 March 2019 to 14 July 2019. We are extremely proud of Ethan and wish him mazal tov on this incredible achievement.

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