Hebrew proficiency at the Junior School

We had such an exciting and busy year of Hebrew study in the Junior School. For the last term, students from Prep to Year 5 prepared Hebrew assemblies.

• Prep and Year 1 students showed us the different letters of the Alef- Bet and how they learnt to read using Hebrew vowels. Year 1 students used known vocabulary to describe their immediate family members.
• Years 2 and 3 students presented the way we write the Alef-Bet in Hebrew script and also introduced Tamar the main character of the text book that we learned from all year.
• Years 4 and 5 students continued telling the tales of Tamar and her friends in Israel.

Families enjoyed watching their loved ones singing, dancing and acting out a combination of scenes from our Hebrew learning journey this year.

See video HERE that was crated by the Prep students in preparation for their Hebrew Assembly today.

The Hebrew team wishes you all a very restful break and looks forward to seeing you all in the new school year.

Vered Sharp
Hebrew Learning Area Leader K-5

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