Exciting challenges on Year 11 camp

Recently, the Year 11 students headed towards the Gippsland lakes to experience a three day camp, where many of us were able to take on a new set of challenges.

Upon arrival in Metung, we ate lunch, divided into groups and boarded our sailing boats. There we learned basic skills including understanding the location of the bow, stern, port and starboard, how to control the jib to throw a tack, navigation, and how to read weather and channel markers.

Under the guidance of staff, we sailed our boats across the Gippsland lakes, and in spite of training, on numerous occasions, a couple of boats found themselves cemented to the bottom of the lake.

Many of us seemed to bring the Melbourne weather with us, and despite frigid temperatures, found the opportunity to sunbathe, swim and even burn. Camp provided a touch of freedom, where we were able to roam local villages, cook for ourselves in mini kitchenettes, canoe and relax.

Year 11 sailing camp was a prodigious success and enabled many of us to submerge ourselves in exciting and new challenges.

Abigail Goldstein (Year 11)

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