Chanukah the Musical

Prep to Year 2 students performed Chanukah the Musical this week and by all accounts, it did not disappoint! Below is a note from David Opat, Head of Junior School that appeared in the program, about the show:

“Chanukah is a very important story because it is about bravery and sticking to what is right no matter what adversity one faces. It also speaks about the idea that some things can run out. In this case the oil for the Menorah. This idea lead us to start exploring the concept of interpersonal sustainability, in other words being nice to each other, does it ever run out? Does caring, inclusiveness and kindness ever really run out? The answer in the show is a firm: No! These things are endless and they are the values we promote on a daily basis at The King David School. Apart from the exploration of these values the show allows us to get down and boogie using the Disco rhythms of the 1970s. Students have also honed their dramatic skills in representing a series of very normal scenes that happen on a daily basis at the Dandenong Road campus”.

Synopsis: On Chanukah a miracle occurs because the oil lasts 8 days. Physical things can run out but Mitzvot (good deeds) don’t. Things look like they are going to run out, but there is one thing that never runs out – being kind. Each class proves to the storyteller that, just like the miracle of Chanukah, some things just never run out.

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