Early literacy with a musical flair in Senior Kinder

Over the past few weeks, the children in Senior Kinder have been learning the song “Down by the Bay” with Liz during their music classes. It’s a fun song that uses a call and response making it easy for the students to remember and learn the melodic patterns of the music. The children have really enjoyed the song, particularly the creation of very silly rhymes. Liz set the class some “homework” to do back in Kinder, where each child needed to come up with their own silly rhyme. The children drew a picture to accompany their rhyme and proudly sang and presented their work to Liz last week.

Hearing and using rhyme, rhythm and repetition helps children develop early literacy skills. The repetition of words, ideas and skills is important for early brain development, as it creates secure foundations for early learning. Making your own rhymes in conversation (for example, ‘let’s pat the cat’ or ‘see the bee in the tree’) or making a funny poem can spark your child’s imagination and can be a fun way to learn. Encouraging your child to think of their own rhyming words lets them get creative and explore sounds. Rhyming teaches children how language works. It helps them notice and work with the sounds within words. When children are familiar with a nursery rhyme or rhyming book, they learn to anticipate the rhyming word. This prepares them to make predictions when they read, another important reading skill.

Laura Pearce & Liz Hender

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