Life Skills Learned on Year 9 Camp

On Friday 11 August the Year 9 cohort began the memorable journey to their extended camp. Coming into mental and physical challenges everyone was excited and pumped to begin the camp. Our first Shabbat as a whole year level began with great energy as we had Netzer Youth movement leaders join us in a few services reflecting the true Jewish culture we hold at KDS.

We then set off for 5 nights hiking and tenting in the coldest conditions recorded in the Grampians in 6 years. Nothing stopped us whether it was rain, hail, snow or strong winds. While seeing all different sights we learnt many lessons and how to overcome challenges that we never thought we could. While camping we learnt how to cook our own meals on trangias and pitch tents. We took on new roles out in the bush that helped us gain new skills and independence which we can now apply at home. Hiking over 13 km each day with packs pushed us to our physical limits which gave us a sense of accomplishment and pride.

With the help of our inspirational Indigicate leaders our groups became very close, caring for each other whenever and wherever. Reuniting as a cohort over fish and chips, sharing our stories and experiences allowed us to reconnect with our peers.

During our final week of camp we had the opportunity to rock climb, canoe, participate on the giant swing, a leap of faith and a vertical play pen. All these activities needed a sense of trust and communication towards our peers as they held important roles in keeping you safe. Many students learnt to conquer their fears and not be afraid to participate in difficult activities. Our activities also involved visiting the local town of Ararat. Visiting Ararat gave us the insight into their culture and how they live their lives in a small town. We visited a mental asylum, Chinese Heritage museum and a history town museum of Ararat. This provided us with an educational understanding of the area.

One of the overall mental challenges that many of us struggled with was the farm visits where we were able to discover the way our food is created. With different views and opinions amongst the group, we all had civilised, mature discussions and debates about what is right and wrong about the way animals are treated and how our food is made and where it comes from.

Overall our camp experiences changed us. We began camp with different mindsets and opinions in comparison to when we left. All of us gained another level of maturity and formed strong bonds between classmates that we will cherish forever. We are very grateful for the teachers and leaders that shared and made this experience the best it can be.

By Sabina and Skyla (Year 9)
For the past two weeks the Year 9’s attended our New Horizons camp. Most of the camp took place at Roses Gap but there were 5 nights in the Grampians and 2 nights in the town of Ararat. Throughout the camp everyone became closer and had heaps of fun together. Some of the activities included a giant swing, rock climbing, canoeing and a leap of faith. One of the more confronting parts of camp was visiting both a dairy and beef farm. At these farms our ethics were challenged as we were shown the lives of these cows. We also were challenged when we hiked and camped in the Grampians. We were against the cold and even had hail at one point but everyone persevered and pushed and challenged themselves. The Indigicate leaders were all amazing. They were kind, relatable, funny and all taught us heaps about the land and it’s history. The camp was a great experience and everyone was upset when it finished.

Jake (Year 9)

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