Year 5s Visit World Class Research Centre

After three years of participating in the Step-a-thon initiative, The King David School has raised almost $15,000. As a reward, a group of our Year 5 students were invited to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute to see how the money they helped raise is being put to good use.

On Wednesday, our students arrived at the MCRI absolutely buzzing with excitement. The students noticed that everything at the MCRI appeared meticulously planned, inspired by science and full of fun! The walls were decorated with science-inspired artwork and the oddly shaped couches were made to represent the villi of the intestine. After being given a tour of the facility, we were fortunate enough to have a PhD student, Rita, tell us about her work in Cell Biology. The students were even given the chance to visit the lab where Rita works and examine heart cells, created at the lab, under a microscope.

It was a phenomenal tour of a world class research centre and the visit inspired us to raise even more funds at next year’s Step-a-thon!

Rebecca Rudstein
Junior School Teacher

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