A Cultural Experience in Kinder

This week we celebrated India Day in Kinder in support of the annual fundraiser the Senior School has hosted for the ‘Sewing the Seeds’, a women’s empowerment initiative in India. The children participated in many different activities, starting with making roti bread. The children took turns mixing the flour and water to make a dough. Then they each flattened out their roti to cook in the pan. It was delicious!

Each class also participated in making sand art mandalas. These small and colourful artworks were very popular as the children sprinkled the colours on. Outside along the path each class created their own Rangoli. These are colourful artwork created during festival times in India to welcome visitors into their home. Before lunch we were visited by volunteer Senior School students who assisted creative activities and storytelling.

We invited families to donate a gold coin and had some of the beautiful bags and beads for sale. Thanks to all the generous donations we have raised over $300. Such a special day.

Sorrell Robinson
Kindergarten Teacher

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