Year 7 English Runner Excursion

This Tuesday all of Year 7 students spent the day walking around the CBD in the footsteps of Charlie Feehan and Squizzy Taylor, characters from ‘Runner’, the novel by Robert Newton.

During the engaging walking tour they explored the hotels, alleyways and dives that Squizzy Taylor, a real life gangster during the 1920s, controlled. Students recreated scenes from the novel, experienced life in the 1920s and even encountered Federici, the ghost of the Princess Theatre.  They took part in an exciting shoot-out in Bourke St. and took the ‘victim’ to the first hospital built in Victoria. The tour culminated in a traditional game of Two –Up played with ha’pennies. The tour really brought the book to life and gave us a wonderful insight into the Melbourne of the roaring twenties.

Ayal Nathan
Middle School Teacher

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