2014 Annual Appeal Chairs Jenny and Tom Gorog

Foundation Ambassadors (Shagririm)

Tom and Jenny Gorog established the Gorog Family Technology Scholarship in 2013.

Grandparents of (L-R) Samuel, Allegra, Levi, Livia and Oscar. Parents of two KDS Alumni.

Q You have always been such generous supporters of The King David School,
what motivated you to establishing your Technology Scholarship?

A We experienced a sense of family and caring when our children attended the
School some 30 years ago. We see the same caring and attention being offered to
our grandchildren today. Jenny and I have been involved in technology during our
professional lives. We want to encourage learning in this area of endeavour.

Q What does Philanthropy mean to you?

A We believe that we all have a responsibility to contribute to our community,
whether it be donating our time or financial donations. To be able to make these
contributions is rewarding to both the individual and the community.

Q What would your message be to others in our School community?

• Understand and believe in the goals that the School is striving to achieve
• Support the School’s activities and in the process become part of a larger community
• Support the School either financially or in kind so that we build a better School for our future generations.

For more information or a confidential discussion contact Naomi Pizzo, Foundation Manager on 03 9527 0122 foundation@kds.vic.edu.au