Our 2013 Student Art Exhibition was held on Sunday 8 September at the Rebecca Magid Centre.

Student artwork from Prep to Year 12 was on display as well as media presentations from our Senior School students.

A high standard of creativity was on show and it is a credit to our students and our Visual Art and Media teaching staff.

 IMG_8712_1348x899 IMG_8715_1348x899 IMG_8720_1348x899
IMG_8751_1348x899 IMG_8730_1348x899 IMG_8735_1348x899
IMG_8752_1348x899 IMG_8756_1348x899 IMG_8771_1348x899
 IMG_8792_1348x899  IMG_8797_1348x899  IMG_8807_1348x899
 IMG_8802_1348x899  IMG_8813_1348x899  IMG_8819_1348x899
 IMG_8811_1348x899  IMG_8826_1348x899  IMG_8827_1348x899
 IMG_8848_1348x899  IMG_8852_1348x899  IMG_8853_1348x899
 IMG_8856_1348x899  IMG_8857_1348x899  IMG_8863_1348x899
 IMG_8897_1348x899  IMG_8873_1348x899  IMG_8908_1348x899
IMG_8721_1348x899 IMG_8741_1348x899 IMG_8786_1348x899
IMG_8824_1348x899 IMG_8841_1348x899 IMG_8854_1348x899
IMG_8888_1348x899 IMG_8809_1348x899 IMG_8919_1348x899