2012 Presentation Evening

The new venue, the Melbourne Recital Centre, set the tone for the evening.  The School Captains spoke movingly of their memories and of what The King David School has meant for them.

Our School Council President, Mark Harrison, spoke of the renewed vigour and direction of the School, as evidenced by Project Chai V’kayam.  He stressed that while buildings and facilities do not constitute the essence of the education we offer, new and refurbished buildings will certainly facilitate the nature of the learning that is core to King David.

I chose to focus on the importance of creativity, through the Arts and across learning areas, to promote engagement with deep learning, self esteem and the impetus to innovate. Our School emblem, the Harp, signifies how central to our educational purpose, creativity is.

The witty and heartfelt Year 12 reflections delivered by Tori Fisher and Jason Segal were very well received.

The presence of our founding Principal, Norman Rothman and Nora Goodridge, daughter of our patrons, Ira and Isador Magid, was particularly important, linking the School community to our very beginnings.

The music performed by the School’s vocal and orchestral ensembles was varied and accomplished and contributed enormously to the send-off for our graduating Class of 2012.
We wish them well for their future choices, and we wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer.

Michele Bernshaw


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