Year 12 Celebration Day

The last few days of the Year 12 experience are an extremely difficult time for students and teachers alike. After many years of learning within a supportive community that has challenged and extended the students intellectually, emotionally and physically, the students are facing the larger stage of the State-wide examinations in which they are indeed no more than a number.  To achieve their goals, they must stand alone grappling with the examinations and displaying their knowledge and understanding.

Very often, the grief that students feel in leaving the safe walls of their school, coupled with the mingled anxiety and excitement they feel in facing the final exams and what lies beyond leads is expressed in inappropriate or destructive ways.

Not so with the Graduating Class of 2012!!

Year 12  Celebration Day  for was held on Wednesday October 24. It was an event that showed creativity, intellect, respect, appreciation and wit. The students chose the theme of the Russian Revolution; they decorated the basketball court and the auditorium and altered their school uniforms to support the theme. They planned, rehearsed and delivered a fantastic concert  which all the students and teachers of the Senior School enjoyed. Mr Evans said that it was the best Year 12 concert he had ever seen in all his 25 years of teaching at some of the State’s most privileged and prestigious schools.
The School Captains spoke on behalf of the Year 12 group in thanking their class mates and their teachers for the rich educational experience that they had created together.

Here is an excerpt from the speech given by Shira Appelboom:
” The culmination of my schooling years cannot be summed up by just Year 12. For the 16 years that I have been a part of this community, from my first day at daycare at TBI as an 18 month year old, to my last day as an 18 year old, I have felt the warmth and respect that only a family knows how to give. Firstly to future Year 12 students sitting in front of me: I have one message: Don’t let your school days pass you by and remember that you are judged not by the answers you give, but the questions you ask. Be inquisitive and embrace every opportunity that the school provides. To my dearest teachers: If I grow up to have even half the stamina, half the patience, half the dedication and half the passion that you ALL have, I know I will be set to face the world. This message extends to primary school teachers who, apart from my family, I believe are responsible for who I am today. To my classmates, the VCE class of 2012, my friends. I can’t quite say yet that we did it, the hardest hurdle of exams is yet to come but I can say that what I see before me is a group of exceptional people, some of whom I’ve known since Kinder, and some who I’ve only become friendly with this year. It is our friends that define us, our friends that are the essence of life and I can’t think of a more special group of people to be graduating with. In the words of Dr. Seuss: “you are you, now isn’t that pleasant”. Let that be a comfort to you all”.

In a warm and impulsive manner, Saul Burston jumped up to the stage to thank the School Captains, on behalf of the Graduating class, for the leadership they had shown and the unity they had been instrumental in forging within the cohort.

After the concert, Year 12 students and teachers enjoyed lunch together prior to their departure to play Laser Force together.
Special thanks to our teachers, and in particular Mr Guy Evans, Mr Lionel Katz and Mr Fred Kok for their dedication and leadership.

Our teachers, our ancillary staff and even our guards spoke glowingly of the dignified and open spirited way in which the students had embraced the new end of school Celebration Day. We wish the Year 12 students all the success they deserve, and then some. We feel sure that the constructive and thoughtful way in which they have commenced a new tradition will augur well for their ability to triumph over the challenges that await them. They go forward into their exams with all our blessings.

Michele Bernshaw Principal

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