CanSat Team

Australia’s only CanSat Team finished in equal 3rd place at the end of the final stage of the international CanSat France competition, held on the French missle testing facility (DGA-EM) in Biscarrosse recently.

The competition started with 13 teams, with only 9 teams managing to make it through to the final two stages of the competition. The perseverance of the Team was very clear and resulted in our team managing to qualify for the Final flight with only minutes to spare.

The CanSat France Jury, consisting of members of the French and European Space Agencies were impressed with how clearly the team had articulated their approach, the rationale behind their designs, the improvements made to the satellite system over last year, and also from what they have learnt from the mission. The King David team had an opportunity to witness some very impressive high powered rocket launches during their stay. Participation in this prestigious event has resulted in a number of partnerships being established on a global level with the French and Japanese teams.

As an example, one of our students is now working on a prototype space probe, with a mass limit of 5 kg that would conduct telemetry through the Martian atmosphere, in conjunction with one of the French teams. Offers of technical assistance to improve our own CanSat technology have also been  made.

The photo shows  Boaz, Max, Elie, Raphael and Isaac working at the CanSat Control centre.

Milorad Cerovac

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