Book Launch

Recently, educationalists from schools across Melbourne involved in teaching Religion and Society as a VCE subject, gathered at the Rebecca Magid Centre, The King David School, to celebrate the launch of the textbook, Religion and Society, Units 1-4, published by Macmillan.

This textbook was written by our own Jewish Studies staff Shayndel Samuel and Damien Green who both teach VCE Religion and Society at Magid Institute. Michele Bernshaw (Principal) in her address at the launch said “ both Shayndel Samuel and Damien Green have brought personal experience and insight from the classroom, rigorous research and enormous personal passion to this task of creating this text”.

Michele confirmed that the book “demands deep inquiry as it takes students to a consideration of the relationship between Religion, Ethics and Morality and, perhaps even more confronting, the place of religion and religious traditions in a pluralist society. This course tends to be the province of faith based school, but I would advocate that it is more widely embraced as it offers young people a way of engaging with their own religious traditions as well as respecting and gaining knowledge about the religious traditions of other faiths.

She said “this text is an excellent foundation for the pursuit of important life-directing questions and it has been undertaken with joy, humility and, at last, a great sense of accomplishment for a job well done”.

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