Yesh Israel Trip

By Justin Kanowitz

Yesh was a wonderful experience. The best parts were when we explored the natural surroundings and the environment, such as going to Kibbutz Lotan. There I saw how a tiny community in the middle of the Arava desert is trying to lessen the effects on their environment by reusing rubbish as building material for houses and using organic waste as fertilizer. We saw greenhouses in the middle of the desert which were producing A-grade food, turning sand into fertile ground.

I also thought that the Baha’i gardens in Haifa were a highlight. In fact the whole area of the Galilee was my favourite for seeing nature at its best. I especially enjoyed the hike near Haifa and the Hula Valley. I must not forget that meeting Israeli people and seeing how they live was a unique experience for me and being billetted with them in the Arava was also great fun.  I have made new friends whom I hope to see next year when they visit Melbourne

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